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What Kind Of Camera Should I Buy?

It is a common question for new camera enthusiasts, “what kind of camera should I buy?” It will never be the same answer for everyone. It really depends on a number of factors. This should be helpful for anyone considering jumping into the world of photography or video photography either professionally or as a hobby and everything in between.

The vBlogger or Podcaster

Are you a vblogger or a video podcaster needing to step up your video quality? You don’t necessarily need an expensive hi-tech camera, rather you just need a camera that will help you look great in your videos.

The Photography School or Film School student:

Maybe you’re coming out of photography or film school or a film and photography program with little hands on experience but lots of study and lessons. So now you’re ready to get out there and start shooting, but you need to start your gear collection.

The Aspiring Pro Photographer or Video Producer:

You want to start getting paid to make photos or videos. However, you need the right tools to put your multimedia above all the competition out there.

The Camera.

Not All Cameras are Created Equal.

Basically, there are four general different categories of cameras/video cameras available.

• Consumer

• Prosumer


• Large Sensor Cameras

When you’re getting started making videos and you might not have that much experience with using various cameras, so it’s difficult to know which type of camera will suite you. It’s difficult to know what type of camera works best at a specific purpose or which camera is appropriate to use under certain circumstances.